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When you make your purchase a DEPOSIT will be REQIURED, unless you have an exceptable (Helget) cylinder to EXCHANGE . Deposits will be CREDITED when items have been returned.
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EXCHANGE of Gas Cylinder(s)
When you return and pick-up, or return and have more cylinders delivered.
RETURN ONLY of Gas Cylinder(s)
When you are RETURNING and will not be taking any more CYLINDERS at this time.

If you have a deposit, it will be refunded (within 14 days) after any charges have been deducted.
Please be sure to specify the number of CYLINDERS you are RETURNING.
$150.00 Refundable Deposit on Gas CYLINDER
Our CYLINDERS are property of HELGET GAS. Helget will hold and refund all deposits when CYLINDERS are returned in good working condition.